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EM Helper (Universal Script)
EM Helper (Universal Script)

    EM Helper (Universal Script)


    EM Helper - Designed to help you out & get advantage over other players without the risks of being Banned! Fully functional Mod Menu overlay that can be opened with a key press, easy to load & fully undetected. The menu is not touching any game memory & is highly crypted on our servers to keep you safe while playing.

    Newest recoil pvp / montage video (Click me)

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     Video preview for no recoil system (Click me)

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    We are very dedicated to each and every product we provide to you. Since 2017 we are doing constant updates to our scripts to give you the best performance & safety ingame. Security is our top priority, we provide Weekly Security Updates to keep you safe while using our progams.

    EM Helper v2.3 - Ultimate Rust Help Tool

    Features list:

    Cerberus Bypass

    Recoil System:
    -Enable Recoil System [Recoil scripts for all weapons + AimToFire feature is in]
    -Enable Weapon Pic [Shows a Picture of activated weapon & attachments]
    -Enable Auto Weapon Detection [Auto switch the script to the equipped weapon ingame]
    -Attachments (None, 8X,Holosight,Handmade)
    -Barrels (None,Silencer,Muzzle Boost)
    -Randomization Control + slider to configure the random value.
    -Smooth Control [To make it even more legit & human]
    -Auto grabs your Sensitivity & FOV ingame.
    -Works for any sensitivity you want.
    -Works for any FOV you want.
    -Weapons List & keybinds to switch between weapons

    -Anti AFK [Prevent you from being kicked from a server for being idle]
    -Furnace Splitter [Auto Split the furnace stacks equally for you]
    -Large Furance Splitter [Splitting inside a large furnace never been so easy!]
    -Fast CodeLock [Auto writting your favorite code for you with 1 press & SUPER fast]
    Customizable Crosshair colors
    6 Different crosshair styles

    Zoom Hack:
    -Circle Zoom [Circle form instead of square]
    -Negative Colors [See objects & players better in negative colors!]
    -Night Vision [See better at Night!]
    -Increase zoom [Increase Zooming Square/Circle]
    -Decrease zoom [Decrease Zooming Square/Circle]
    -Increase Zoom Window size
    -Decrease Zoom Window size
    -HotKeys [Show/Hide zoom, Negative ON/OFF]

    -Pause all HotKeys for features & Bring them back.
    -Change Keybinds
    -Stream Proof

    And a lot more functions , contact us via website or discord for further questions.

    After the purchase please contact us using any of the following: Discord, Live chat support, Email.