Imminent (Valorant Mod menu)

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Imminent - The Mod Menu for Valorant, that works completely externally ! Created with years of experience to give you the best advantage in the game without risks of editing the game memory. The whole menu is designed to help you dominate the players ingame with our no recoil system , color based aimbot and triggerbot with bunch of customizable options.
Imminent v1.0 Features list:
Recoil System
-Enable/Disable Recoil system
-Pause By hotkeys & custom hotkeys for all weapons
-Weapon Picture [To see current active weapon ingame]
-Weapons: (Spectre/Ares/Odin/Bulldog/Phantom/Vandal) more will be added by customers suggestions.
-Aim To Fire (Will enable script only when aiming)
-Crouch Detection (Different recoil tables for crouching)
-Unscope Detection (Different recoil table for unscoping spray)
-Any sensitivity, Any resolution !

Color Aimbot
-Enable/Disable Aimbot
-3 Different colors to lock on [Red/Purple/Yellow]
-Auto Fire [Auto fires while aimbot is on]
-TriggerBot [Shoot enemies when your crosshair on their body]
-Bone Type [Head/Chest]
-Aiming Speed [Customizable & can be used to look legit]
-FOV [can be used to make the aimbot rage/legit]
-Shots Speed [The speed between every shot after aiming]

-Customizable Keybinds
-Stream Proof